Screw Houston


Screw Houston is back! Not only did they bring a new bassplayer, they also brought you some new sounds!

After a steady output of quality melodic hardcore EP’s and a full length, the band decided to expand its musical horizons after adding a new bass player and starting adding more depth and dynamics to their songs. Adding some cleaner vocals and more harmonies, the band surprised when releasing the single “All Rise” in July 2016, to an overwhelmingly positive respons.

The loudness is still there, the rock’n’roll is still there – but there’s more depth and dynamics then before. Cleaner vocals, more harmonies and all the old ingredients take Screw Houston to a new level.

Like Fighting Snakes” is the logical next step in the bands career. For the recording the band once again teamed up with Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recording. Moving on in the direction they took with “All Rise“, the songs on “Like Fighting Snakes” are once again personal songs that deal with topics of challenges and chaos.